Anti-Wrinkle Injections (BOTOX®, Bocouture®, Azzalure®)
Wrinkles are caused by the repeated contraction and relaxation of the muscles, combined with the loss of collagen and elastin that occurs during the natural ageing process.
The chemical used for anti-wrinkle injections is Botulinum Toxin A, more commonly known by the brand name Botox®. Botox® works by decreasing the activity in the muscles which it is injected into, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox® is a safe and effective treatment and one the most commonly sought out procedures in the aesthetics industry.

  1. The Glabella
    The glabella is also known as the 11's, those stubborn vertical lines in the middle of the brow. They can give the appearance of frowning.
  2. The Crow's Feet
    The crow’s feet are the laughter lines around the outer corners of the eyes which can give the illusion that you are much older than your years.
  3. The Frontalis
    The frontalis are two large muscles that extend from the eyebrows to the top of the forehead, the contraction of these muscles causes those horizontal forehead wrinkles.
  4. Bunny Lines
    These are the small lines that appear across the bridge of the nose. These can be treated very successfully with Botulinum toxin injections.
  5. Jaw Slimming
    The treatment of the masseter muscle can result in a slimmer looking jaw and can significantly reduce the squareness of the jawline. This treatment is for those looking to reduce width or heaviness of the jaw.
  6. Dimple Chin
    An orange peel chin or a deep crease in the chin. This treatment can vastly improve the texture of the skin and elongate the profile for a more flattering facial shape.