Holistic & Alternative Therapies

  1. Rose Quartz Facial
    Our Rose Quartz facial is a luxury treatment using polished rose quartz pieces and a cool roller. Rose quartz is known for its healing properties. Benefits of this treatment include; detoxifying the skin by stimulating lymph drainage and Toning the muscles of the face.
  2. Chakra Balancing Meditation with Dowsing
    This Treatment is aimed at identifying blockages and re-balancing your chakras. Chakras are powerful energy points in the body. We need our chakras to be in alignment to maintain optimal health. We use a combination of coloured crystals and dowsing to re-balance your power centers.
  3. Oracle/Angel Card Reading
    Oracle cards can be a powerful way to enhance our intuition. Unlike tarot cards oracle cards seek to utilise our own intuition. Oracle readings can help bring you clarity and new perspectives to a situation. During the oracle reading cards will be chosen and interpreted with you.
  4. Accupressure Face lift - 12 session required- Coming soon!
    We use the power of the pressure points in the face over a course of 12 weeks in order to tighten the skin. There have been many studies into the use of this technique and results can been seen after just 1 session which requires weekly treatments for 12 weeks.
  5. Law Of Attraction Work Shop & Meditation
    This is a 4 week workshop run by Amanda Steadman who is a transformational mind,body & soul coach. During this workshop you will learn about the art of the law of attraction as well as essential meditation skills to quiet the mind.
  6. Book with Amanda Steadman
    Amanda empowers others to create & live their ideal life .1-1 coaching is available & Amanda will soon to be running retreats. Amanda is a qualified Angelic Reiki Master , Meditation teacher and also a Cinical Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner.